Date: January 1998

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British Bitter


The Bitter Truth About an English Beer

Adding Spices to Beer: Tips from the Pros


  Brewer: Doug Odell Brewery: Odell Brewing Co., Ft. Collins, Colo. Years of experience:  Eight Education: BS in Geology from California State University at Sonoma; extension courses on brewing at University of

Extract to All-Grain and Back


It’s time for some fancy footwork, brewing style. Perhaps you are making that step to all-grain and you want to bring your favorite extract recipes with you. Or maybe you don’t have

Going Pro!


These former homebrewers have turned their hobby into a profession.

Hows and Whys of the Wort Chiller


When a bottle of homebrew fills a glass, the first impression of a well-carbonated, brilliantly clear beer fixes a warm smile upon the homebrewer’s face. Homebrewers constantly struggle to assure that the

Tune Up Your Equipment


The old adage about an ounce of prevention certainly holds true when it comes to taking care of brewing equipment. Many problems can be avoided simply by taking a few extra minutes

Winterbock (Wintergreen Doppelbock)


The bright flavors from wintergreen combined with a solid Doppelbock recipe…you’re welcome.

A Starter Guide to Mashing


Whether you’re just beginning or want to brush up on your technqiue, this article walks you through an infusion mash, step by step.

8 result(s) found.