Date: January-February 2014

January/February '14

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Nicht-boil Berliner

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A mash hop recipe. This recipe is inspired by Michael Tonsmeire’s modern take on the no-boil method. Make sure to keep your IBUs extremely low (<5 IBUs) to insure that the Lactobacillus will not be inhibited.

Otto’s Jacket Pale Ale

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A first wort hop recipe. For my first brew with Mosaic™, I decided to pair it with Chinook and Apollo. The resulting beer was pretty fantastic, something Lisa Simpson might liken to Otto’s Jacket (credit to Jack Horzempa for the name). This one clocks in at 57 IBUs, but tastes more like 45 IBUs.

Weihen-not Hefe

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A first wort hop recipe. While I was going for a Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier clone with this beer, I found that using just wheat and Pilsner malt lacked the malt depth when compared to the original, even when I double decocted the mash. I added some dark Munich malt and melanoidin malt to try to coax a layer of complexity which the original German hefeweizen displays. I also adjusted the hops from a low alpha acid variety, Hallertau Mittelfrüh, to the higher alpha German Magnum to minimize extraction of polyphenols considering the longer contact time with the wort.

Pre-Boil Hopping Techniques


Break out of your hop schedule comfort zone by trying first wort hopping or mash hopping.

Recipes for both first wort hopping and mash hopping found at the bottom of the article

Barrel Aging: Tips from the Pros

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Barrel-aging craft brewers explain why oak isn’t just for wine or whiskey.

Stinky Lagers

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The Wiz shares some tips for scrubbing sulfur smells out of lagers and preparing an oak barrel for beer aging.

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