Date: January-February 2015

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Brewing High-Gravity Lagers: Tips from Pros

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Brewing a high gravity lager (with an original gravity above 1.070) takes a lot of patience and a lot of yeast. These pros have brewed award-winning examples, and with their advice you can too. Brewer: Brian Destree, Capital Brewery in Middleton, WI All of our high-gravity lagers undergo a long, slow fermentation for about 10-12

Dark Asteroid

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Dark Asteroid (5 gallons/19 L, extract with grains) OG = 1.067 FG = 1.016 IBU = 31 SRM = 24 ABV = 7% Ingredients 6 lbs. (2.7 kg) Munich liquid malt extract 0.8 lb. (0.36 kg.) light dried malt extract 1 lb. (0.45 kg.) Briess Victory® malt (28 °L) 0.5 lb. (0.23 kg) caramel malt

Dark Planet

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This is a beer that uses muscovado sugar and technically fits no style…we’ll call it a porter though.

Electric Brewing Q&A


Kal Wallner, the creator of The Electric Brewery and frequent BYO contributor, and Trent Neutgens, the creator of the all-electric all-grain brewing setup featured in the January-February issue of BYO, took over the BYO Facebook page for a couple hours on January 21 for a live chat about electric brewing. Here are the highlights.

Brewing with Dark Sugars

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Learn how to properly add dark sugars to your homebrews.

Making Homebrew Jelly

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You too can make beer-flavored jelly — with your own homebrew.

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