Date: January-February 2022

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The Dark Side of Malt


Dark, roasted malts contribute color, flavor, head retention qualities, and other benefits. Learn how these malts are made, what types are available and the differences between them, and how to use these malts effectively in your homebrews.

The Wide World of Meads


According to our annual reader study, meads are the third most popular beverage to ferment after beer and cider. Dive into the greater world of these fermented honey beverages.

Brewing Chocolate Beers


There are at least nine ingredients homebrewers can use to contribute chocolate character to beer and five different times to add them. When considering combinations, that leads to thousands of possibilities. Luckily for you, John Nanci has done the test brews (well, a lot of them, at least). He’s here to share the results with readers.

27 result(s) found.