Date: January-February 2024

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Second Chapter Brewing’s Witty Librarian clone


For the grain bill, Owner Richard Gibson feels that nailing down the proper ratio of wheat in the recipe adds a vital element of complexity, as well as a slight visual haze to the finished beer.

Gordon Strong’s Gruit


Balancing the bitterness and spices can be difficult due to unknown freshness and potency, so be prepared to make infusions (teas) to tweak the balance once the beer is finished.

Basic Cacao Nib Tincture


If you want to use a chocolate extract, Drew tends to make his own to control the flavor and strip the fat. Here is the recipe.

Woodstock Wheat


A beer recipe brewed with the water found from Filippini Pond on the grounds of the iconic Woodstock Music Festival from 1968.

Ghost Monkey Brewery’s UNBoiled clone


A hazy IPA that is missing one thing — the boil!

Chocolate Winter’s Embrace


This winter seasonal beer has a rich malt character, underpinned by a pleasing chocolate note. The winter spices are present but not overpowering, providing a warming finish.

7venth Sun Brewery’s False Readings clone


False Readings is the first commercial attempt at the so-called hyperbolique IPA, a cross between a brut IPA and a milkshake IPA.

Can LED Light Skunk Beer?


Before I jump into this great question, I want to confess that I am feeling a bit skunky for being a bit behind on this column because I have been traveling too

Step Mashing Efficiency Vs. Infusion


I have a solid explanation of what may be causing your problem but must admit that what follows includes one very big assumption. And that assumption is that your mashes typically drop

Blending Fruit Wine in Beer


Sounds like you have access to some great stuff! Love the idea of blending fruit wine into beer and hope to give you some ideas on how to make this practical. Perhaps

Second Chapter Brewing


A style that was one of the catalysts of the craft beer movement, witbiers are not as easy to find at breweries these days. A reader stumbled on a great rendition of one while in Ogallala, Nebraska, and asks the Replicator to share more about this beer.

Can LED Light Skunk Beer? Step Mashing Efficiency and Blending Wine in Beer


Can LED lights skunk beer the same way incandescent and fluorescent lights do? Mr. Wizard dives into the topic. He also shares advice for blending fruit wine into your beer and explains why a brewer’s starting gravity may be lower from single-infusion mashes.

24 result(s) found.