Date: July-August 2005

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Mikes Best Saison


Part wit bier, part saison…we’ll call it a spiced saison. No matter how you want to classify it, it’s a recipe inspired by the Belgians.

Edgy Pils


Frequent contributor Horst Dornbusch provides BYO with a German-style Pilsner recipe. Use only the freshest ingredients as there is nothing for faults/flaws to hide under in with this beer.

Hitting Target Original Gravity and Volume


Learn the tips and techniques to nail your target volume and original specific gravity every time you brew a batch of homebrew.

Strategies to Win Homebrew Contests


A homebrew judge (and contestant) tells you how to go for the gold and make your homebrew submission stand out in its flight at the contest.

Diagnosing Beer Problems: Tips from the Pros

How to diagnose your beer’s problems — including DMS, oxidation and diacetyl — and fix them the next time you brew.



From old Belgian farmhouses to new North American breweries, brewers everywhere are rediscovering the charms of this hoppy, spicy beer for all seasons, Plus: two great saison recipes.

International Lagers


They’re here. They’re there. They’re everywhere — those ubiquitous light lagers like Heineken, Grolsch and Becks in their green bottles. Learn how to brew one at home (and learn a few new techniques — including cereal mashing and high-gravity brewing — while you’re at it). Plus: the skunk factor.

10th Annual Label Contest Winners!


Homebrewers from far and near show off their artistic talents in our 10th annual label contest. From the elegant and understated to the over-the-top, here are the best of 2005.

20 result(s) found.