Date: July-August 2007

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Build Your Own Stir Plate


A stir plate will keep your yeast in suspension while you are raising them in your yeast starter . . . and we’ve got instructions on how to make two different stir plates, one from old computer parts you may have lying around.

15 Summertime Recipes


Want a cool, crisp, refreshing beer to drink when grilling or sitting around the pool this summer? Try one from our collection of 15 recipes, submitted by homebrew shops from across the nation.

Small-Scale Brewing


Sometimes scaling down your brewing efforts can scale up your enthusiasm. Homebrew can be made in smaller batches than 5 gallons (19 L) and we give you the how, why and when to brew efficiently at a reduced scale.

2007 Label Contest Winners

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They say it’s what’s on the inside that really counts . . . but not for our annual label contest. The artistic side of our readers is on display as we present the bronze, silver, gold and grand champion of our 2007 Label Contest.

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