Date: July 1996

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Craft Dream: A Homebrewer’s Story

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Michael Bryant first experimented with fermentation at age 13, when he discovered a recipe for orange wine in his mother’s Old Mr. Boston drink guide. He followed the directions, bottled the mixture in glass jars, and hid them in the basement. The result looked so bad that he never even tasted it. “I looked at

Become a Homebrew Judge

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The Beer Judge Certification Program does more than make you an ace beer taster.  It helps you learn more about styles, the brewing process, and beer faults — knowledge that will help you make your own beer better.

Aging Gracefully


Will your beer grow mellow and pleasing or develop into a crusty old coot? The key is how you treat it in its youth. Learn the science of aging, and keep your

Big Batch Brewing

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Break out of the five-gallon rut. It’s easier than you think to brew BIG!

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