Date: July-August 2022

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Balancing A Draft System

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For starters, thanks for the great link. Mike Soltys, PhD. is the brains behind the hose length calculator you referenced and he has taken a fluid dynamics approach to beer line calculations using the Bernoulli, Darcy Weisbach, and Swamee-Jain equations to develop his very cool tool! Pouring beer on draft and determining the ideal line

The Importance Of Fermentation Temperatures

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Fermentation temperature definitely affects beer flavor and fermentation rate, however some yeast strains are more influenced by temperature than others. I will come back to this in a moment. Brewers who have a spot at home with a relatively constant temperature should consider making this their norm. My basement stays right at 64 °F (18

Gordon Strong’s Irish Stout

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My recipe produces a beer more like Beamish than Guinness — it has a more complex grain bill and less bitterness than a Guinness Draught Stout.

Irish Stout


For those of us beer lovers who came of age prior to the modern craft beer boom, finding an Irish stout at a bar or store was like receiving a present. Gordon Strong takes us on a journey through the history, the style, and brewing a pristine Irish dry stout.

7venth Sun Brewery’s Saison in Paradise Clone

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With a subtle spice character and quick turnaround time, this is a great summer sipper.

7venth Sun Brewery

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The Replicator travels to the Sunshine State to get some intel on a saison brewed by one of Dunedin, Florida’s oldest craft breweries. With a subtle spice character and quick turnaround time, this is a great summer sipper.

Size Matters: Turning homebrewers pro since 1997


The Red Ledge Brewers are a small but potent homebrew club in mid-Michigan. With roughly 20–25 active members, they have turned out a dozen professional brewers in the 25 years since their founding. Learn what they attribute it to

Beauty In The Boil


Do we need to boil our wort? While the answer is no, there are plenty of advantages. Get the reasoning why.

Sanke Hood Vent


Brewing indoors has long been the goal for many, but when brewing larger batches a proper ventilation system is key. One homebrewer decided to go all-in crafting a hood vent from Sanke kegs that he cut in half and riveted together.

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