Date: July-August 2009

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Aerating Wort Techniques


Your chilled wort needs oxygen to keep the yeast healthy — here’s how to deliver it.

Mild Ale


Five hundred years ago, almost all British beers existed as both stale and mild ales. From its earliest use through the 18th Century, the term “mild” referred to an entire class of ales. These beers were much bigger than today’s mild (perhaps 20 °P or more) and they were served young and sweet with residual malt sugars. Any beer could be called mild as long as it lacked the sourness of aged beers, such as stale or stock ale.


Well Water


The Wiz makes waves in an answer about well water.

Oxygenating Wort: Tips from the Pros


Three professional brewers who also homebrew explain the importance of oxygenating wort and how to get commercial results at home.


Six Summer Beer Clones


The mercury is rising and so is your thirst. If you’d like to make some beer that is as flavorful as it is thrist-quenching, we’ve got six summertime brews to cure the summertime blues — Goose Island Summer Kölsch, Firestone Walker ‘Lil Opal, Harpoon Summer Beer, Brooklyn Summer Ale, Anderson Valley Summer Solstice Cerveza Crema and Magic Hat Hocus Pocus.

2009 Label Contest Winners


Some brewers aren’t done when their beer is in the bottle — their fun is just beginning as it’s time for designing a beer label. Drawn from hundreds of entries, we present the winners of this year’s label contest.

Corking Belgian-Style Homebrews


Want your Belgian beers to look as good as they taste? Find out the tools and techniques required to package your beers just like the Belgians do.

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