Date: June 1997

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Dry Hopping: Tips from the Pros


Brewer: Bill Pengelly Brewery: Deschutes Brewery, Bend, Ore. Years of experience: 3.5 years Education: Diploma from Siebel Institute in Chicago, PhD in biology from Princeton University House Beers: Bachelor Bitter, Jubelale, Mirror

White Russian Imperial Pale Ale


I believe that The Dude would abide by drinking this beer.

The Power of pH


The level of pH in your mash, wort, and beer affects processes from enzyme function to hop extraction to yeast vitality. Understanding pH helps you manipulate pH levels for great-tasting beer. But

Homebrew Science Experiments


A lone figure stands above the steaming kettle. A sample of the malty liquid is carefully drawn off, cooled, and then poured into a graduated cylinder. He drops a glass hydrometer slowly

Add Body to Your Beer


It is time to try your first bottle of that (hopefully) great beer you have just brewed. You pop the cap, nice hiss, good carbonation. You pour your beer and admire its

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