Date: June 1998

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Storing kegs warm

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Bottle- and keg-conditioned ales must go through several key steps before they can be refrigerated and enjoyed. The first step is to estimate the volume of beer and to add an appropriate amount of priming sugar for carbonation. Most brewers use less sugar to prime an equivalent volume of beer in a keg compared with

Evaluating Beer Flavor: Tips from the Pros

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Brewer:  David Berg Brewery:  Water Tower Brewing Co., Eden Prairie, Minn. Years of experience: 1.5 Education: American Brewers Guild House Beers: Eden Mill Gold, Pappy’s Brown Porter, Old Tower Amber, Flying Horse Pale Ale, Pergatory Creek Stout Each of your senses affects the others, so the order in which you evaluate beer is important. Use a concave

Oh That Smell! Beer Off-Aromas

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The first sip of a new batch of homebrew is one of the many joys of brewing. It can be devastating when that experience is tainted with an unpleasant sensory jolt. “What is that?” your taste buds wonder. There’s something off about your beer. It doesn’t have to be a complete waste, though. Knowing what

Making Malt Coolers

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At last, an answer for your friends who say, “But I don’t like beer. Why don’t you make some wine coolers?” Their “wine” coolers are probably malt beverages — tropically flavored beer! Okay, admit it. You’ve got them. We all do. No matter how long you’ve been brewing or how good your beer is or

Expand Your Hop Horizons

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It’s easy to develop a preference for certain hops. But with so many choices available there’s no reason not to explore the tried and true as well as the newest varieties. Experimenting with flavors to make your own unique brew can be a fun and rewarding part of homebrewing. And hop flavors provide a fertile

1998 Label Contest Winners!

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A poison warning, a violent storm and a magical brew that wards off evil. The winners of the third annual label contest are revealed.

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