Date: March-April 2003

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Princess Theresa’s Oktoberfestbier


For a paler version of this beer, you can substitute the 1 lb. (0.45 kg) of Munich malt with 0.5 lb. (0.23 kg) each of Munich and Vienna malt. Another way of “playing” with the brew’s color is to use Munich malts of different color ratings. Munich malts are available in colors between roughly 5 and 20 degrees Lovibond.

TableRock Nut Brown Ale clone


A homebrew recipe for this commercial Brown Ale out of Idaho.

Can you mash overnight and sparge in the morning?


I am a great fan of methods that make things easier and this method is certainly a time-saver when it comes to scheduling those precious weekend hours. To me, saving time is

Build a Hose Cleaner: Projects


Dirty, scummy, nasty hoses. Here’s a slick clean-in-place pump for cleaning beer lines.

Carbonation Science


An in-depth look at the science behind creating those tiny bubbles.

Your First Infusion Mash


A simple step-by-step introduction to all-grain brewing.

Recipe Formulation: Tips from the Pros


This month’s professional brewers dispense some sage advice on recipe formulation. From the basic task of learning your system to some very specific brewing formulae, these tips will take you beyond the standard brewer’s recipe-formulation software to creating your recipes by hand (with the help of basic algebra). It will also link the art to the science of brewing.

Keg Your Beers!


There’s something great about draft beer. Maybe it’s the satisfaction of pulling a tap and filling your glass, or maybe it’s the way a keg filled with homebrew says “I’m serious about beer!” Either way, at some point most hobbyists start thinking about buying a draft system and kegging their brew. Here’s how to do it. Plus: a quick look at “mini-kegs” like the Party Pig and Tap-A-Draft.

Hop to Style!


Cascade works well with a West Coast Pale Ale. Fuggle should finish an English bitter. Galena or Cluster go great with porter. Here’s a straightforward guide to picking the right hops for your favorite style of beer.

9 result(s) found.