Date: March-April 2007

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Balanced Recipe Formulation


Tired of brewing other people’s recipes? Learn the basics of recipe formulations, from making an ingredient list to choosing the right techniques. We’ll cover what you need and how to go about it, with discussions of all major brewing ingredients and what they add to beer. Plus, discussions of balance, complexity, harshness in dark grains, grains for body and cohumulone in hops. Plus: a recipe for "copper ale"

Gluten-Free Brewing


Got gluten? If you brew with barley, wheat or rye you do. For sufferers of celiac disease, this crosses those beers off the "to brew" list. However, there are gluten-free grains – including sorghum, buckwheat, quinoa, rice and corn – from which beers can be made. Learn the techniques required to make your brewery gluten free. Plus: two gluten free recipes

Brewing with Oats


Grandma put them in her cookies. Now you can put them in your beer. Oats lend a creamy, silky feel to stouts or witbiers. Get the lowdown on the grain for "grouters" and learn the differences between using raw oats, rolled oats or oat malt in your beers. Plus: Breakfast of Champions; an oatmeal stout recipe

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