Date: March 1996

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10 Good Brewing Questions, Answers Included

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How Long Should Beer Ferment?   This is the most common question of all, and many homebrewers are confused by books and recipes that give definite times for fermentation. There are too many variables to say that a batch of beer will ferment for only three days or for exactly seven days. Beer usually doesn’t

Make Those Enzymes Dance

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Control mash thickness by varying the ratio of water to malt. Perfect this technique to tame the enzymes that cause important reactions in the mash, influence fermentability, and affect beer flavor.

Stout-Hearted in Ireland

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Take a Private Tour of the Guinness Brewery. Homebrewers Only!

Grow Your Own Hops

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Put even more home into your homebrew. The ultimate for brewers who like to garden: Step-by-step instructions for planting, cultivating, and picking hops, as well as easy techniques for drying.

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