Date: March-April 2013

March/April '13

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Jamil’s McQuaker’s Oatmeal Stout

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Oatmeal stout is traditionally an English style, although there are more and more “Americanized” versions available. Oatmeal stout uses oats to build body and add a touch of silkiness to the mouthfeel.

Two Trails

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Brewer Ben Roesch, as they say, came to a fork in the road — and he took it. Some years back, newly minted forestry degree in hand, Roesch left the University of Massachusetts and returned to Worcester, moved in with some buddies and started scuffling for work. Pickings were slim. As he mailed resumes, Roesch

Cellaring Beer

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To keep or not to keep. That may not be quite the question Hamlet asked himself, but it is one homebrewers and beer drinkers in general might well ask themselves. If you have a beer you like, isn’t it worth keeping a few to one side, not just to drink later, but in order that

Cellaring Beer: Tips from the Pros

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Wine isn’t the only fermented beverage that can improve with age. Many high-alcohol and sour beers change for the better after a few months in a proper cellar. in this issue, two beer bar experts share some aging advice. Molly Gunn, Co-Owner of The Porter Beer Bar in Atlanta, Georgia. Molly Gunn was born and

Oatmeal Stout

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Better Boils

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The Wiz gets on a roll discussing rolling boils and sets the record straight on mash pH.

Hop Stands

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Ask eight brewers the key to crafting a great IPA and you will probably get nine different answers. One technique that is well-established in the professional brewing world but just recently gaining traction with homebrewers is hop standing or whirlpool hopping.

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