Date: March-April 2014

March/April '14

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Using Fresh Hops for Beginners


One of the best things about growing your own hops is the opportunity to then experiment with them in your homebrew. One way to do this is to try fresh hopping (sometimes

Build a Stir Plate


When used for building yeast starters, the continual stirring of the stir-bar provides constant agitation and aeration of the yeast. The result is smaller starter sizes and less time needed to build more yeast cells.

Retirement Home(brewing)


  How old is too old to learn to brew? Well, if you live at the Aspen Ridge Retirement Community (the Ridge) in Bend, Oregon there is no such thing as too

Three Sparging Methods


My apologies to extract brewers, but today is solely about all-grain brewing, and how we get the extract out of the mash when conversion of starch is complete. Three techniques are practiced

Using Yeast Nutrients


When I was a kid, my grandma would buy sampler packs of single-serving boxes of Kellogg’s cereal for my brothers and me. Remember those? Invariably, the last one to get eaten was

Brewing Ancient Nordic Grog


“I’m lucky I get to do this,” Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Owner and Brewmaster states in no uncertain terms when asked about one of his latest “archaeobeer” projects: Kvasir. This

Batch Sparging Basics


For homebrewers first getting into all-grain brewing, the terminology, technology and wide variety of methods can be confusing. Simplifying the process, especially for the first few all-grain batches, is important. All of

Brew in a Bag All-Grain Techniques


Brew-in-a-bag (BIAB) is the easiest and most economical way for an extract brewer to step-up into all-grain brewing. What makes this method (which was made popular by Australian homebrewers) unique is that

Pro Am Brewing with Mr. Wizard


For several years I wanted to participate in the ProAm competition at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), but was not sure how to go about teaming up with an award-winning homebrewer.

Vienna Lager


by the numbers OG: 1.046–1.052 (11.4–12.9 °P) FG: 1.010–1.014 (2.6–3.6 °P) SRM: 10–16 IBU: 18–30 ABV: 4.5–5.5% If you are a beer geek, certainly you know the name Anton Dreher. It was

Dextrin Malts, High Gravity & Filtering Water: Mr. Wizard


Q I understand that DextraPils® gives body and head, but why? What is the process in making this malt and how does it break down in a mash? What type of sugars

Switchback Ale: Replicator


Dear Replicator, Everyone has a favorite beer — mine is Switchback Ale from Switchback Brewing Co. in Burlington, Vermont. In fact, my wife and i like it so much we served it

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