Date: March-April 2016

March/April '16

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Eddyline Brewing River Runners Pale Ale: Replicator

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  Dear Replicator, My friends keep bothering me to make a clone of Eddyline Brewing’s River Runners Pale Ale, made in Colorado. My dear buddies always drink the six-packs they buy before they return home to Montana. Alas, my palate has not had the good fortune of sampling this beer and the trips to Colorado come few

Maple Beer

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Maple Beer (5 gallons/19 L, extract with grains)OG = 1.041 FG = 1.010IBU = 13 SRM = 16 ABV = 5.1% The original gravity is calculated based on the estimated OG on brew day. The ABV is calculated based on the beer after the maple syrup addition. This volume of maple syrup will add ~8

Understanding pH

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Learn how, and when, to adjust your pH.

Frozen Glasses


Why you should avoid freezing your glasses, and of the ill effects of overpitching yeast in a starter.

Brewing Maple Beer at Home


This spring, if you live in maple syrup country, try swapping out your normal brewing water with maple sap.

Prohibition Porter

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A couple homebrewers brewed a real Prohibition-era beer with malt extract from the 1920s.

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