Date: March-April 2017

March/April '17

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Rustic French Ale


This recipe will create a French-style ale that is similar to Brasserie Thiriez’s Blonde d’Esquelbecq. Brewer Daniel Thiriez recommends using French Pilsner malt if you can source it.

Barcodes for Your Homebrew


You spend hours making your own beer and then bottling or kegging it, not to mention the countless time spent researching and planning for your brew days. When people hear you brew

Pairing Beer & Cheese


Homebrewers, and the beer-consuming public, are getting to know the wonders of pairing different beer styles with a variety of cheeses that complement, enhance, and interact in a variety of taste experiences.

Hop Hash: What It Is & How to Use It


In the quest for the perfect IPA, brewers recently stumbled upon hop hash, the purest and most potent natural form of hops currently available. It is a concentration of lupulin glands (which

The Mitten Brewing Company: Label Up clone


Co-owner Chris Andrus wants to make it clear that “this is NOT a novelty beer.” Label Up is “first and foremost a brown ale.” The maple and pecan flavors are not intended to create an overly-sweet palate and should not prevent anyone from enjoying multiple pints of it!

Using Spunding Valves


All-grain homebrewers with temperature-controlled fermentation capabilities have most of the same levers to pull as craft brewers, but fermentation pressure is one notable exception. And pressure is exactly what a spunding valve

Brewing Rustic French Ales


The modern tradition of French bière de garde was a reboot of an older, more rustic beer dating to the early twentieth century, also called, confusingly, bière de garde. That earlier line

5 Spring Seasonal Craft Clone Recipes


Ah, spring! Everyone knows what spring evokes, right? I’m sure we all know the songs and seasonal carols about whatever we cook in spring; and the smells of it, whatever it is,

Grow Your Own Backyard Hops


Growing your own hops at home can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. I have been growing hops in my backyard for over a decade and have found it to be a

Cheesemaking with Homebrew


Hello, brewer. Any chance you noticed the rise in popularity of home cheesemaking and support at your local and online homebrew stores? Cheesemaking supplies have rapidly become available from many homebrewing suppliers

Cold Steeping Specialty Grains


Steeping specialty grains is a common practice for many homebrewers, particularly those who brew extract or partial-mash recipes. As with many things in the beer brewing process, there are trade-offs to be

International Amber Lager


by the numbers OG: 1.042-1.055 FG:1.008-1.014 SRM:7-14 IBU:8-25 ABV:4.6-6.0% I know this will sound strange coming from me, but some people take beer styles way too seriously. They’re quite happy to invent

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