Date: May 2001

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30-Minute No-Boil Extract Beers


When you’re making a batch of no-boil beer, your brew “day” will be done in 30 minutes. Fermentation takes 10 to 14 days, and you can bottle the batch in just 90

How long will my beer stay fresh in a keg?


Dear Mr. Wizard: I am thinking of kicking the bottle habit and kegging my beer instead. My biggest concern is storage temperature and how long my beer will stay good in a

What’s the best way to check the temperature of a mash?


The best way to check mash temperature is with a calibrated-dial or alcohol-filled thermometer. The easiest way to calibrate a thermometer is by filling a glass with ice cubes and then filling the glass with water. In

Allgauer Brauhaus AG’s Oberdorfer Weissbier clone


Brewed by Allgäuer Brauhaus AG, a classic Bavarian-styled hefeweizen.

Milk Chocolate Marzen


Chocolate-shake Marzen? Why not? Lactose sugar and a healthy dose of cocoa powder and fat free chocolate syrup provide plenty of milk chocolate experience.

Black Forest Lager (chocolate-cherry lager)


Chocolate and cherry are one of the great pairings in culinary history…so why not make a beer to pair them up? Author Scott Russell thought a European amber would be a great base to lay the foundation for this beer.

White Chocolate Pale Ale


An lightly hopped pale ale with white chocolate hints.

Bitter Chocolate Imperial Stout


The bitter chocolate in this Imperial Stout accents the hops and grain.

Brewing with Chocolate


Cocoa powder and Hershey bars? You can use chocolate to make your beer more complex. Tips, techniques and a quintet of recipes.

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