Date: May-June 2014

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New World Berliner Weisse

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Achtung! The Germans are coming, the Germans are coming! As Daniel Fromson wrote in the Washington Post on August 27, 2013, “For decades, American brewers have infused foreign beer traditions with boldness and innovation — by reimagining the moderately bitter English IPA as the hop-saturated Titan of the U.S. craft-beer pantheon, for example. Now they’re

Fruit Beer, Crisp Finish, Storing Ingredients & Peppers: Mr. Wizard

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Q I would like to brew a batch of raspberry wheat beer without using concentrated flavoring. The flavor concentrates work well, but i would like to try brewing with real berries. Mike Cefaratti National Park, New Jersey A There are obviously two primary methods used to add fruit to beer; to the wort prior to

Expanding Equipment: Tips from the Pros

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When it comes to homebrew equipment, you can spend as much (or as little) as you’d like and still make quality beer. but there comes a point when every homebrewer decides it’s time to get bigger and better equipment. When that time comes, there are certain tools that the experts recommend, and certain tools they

Thunder Island Brewery Vitamin K Kölsch: Replicator

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Dear Replicator, While hiking the Pacific Crest Trail with a buddy, we found Thunder Island Brewery in the small town of Cascade Locks, Oregon. All the beers were good but the Vitamin K Kölsch was great. They only sell it at their brewery and my homebrew store in Seattle doesn’t know anything about it. I’m

Flanders Red Recipe

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Jamil Zainasheff provides readers with a recipe to recreate an authentically-styled Flanders Red. Just remember that patience is one of the best tools for brewing this style.

Spencer Trappist Ale clone

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The first beer released by the first and only American Trappist brewery, The Spencer Brewery located in Spencer, Massachusetts. This beer was designed to mirror the patersbiers (“fathers’ beer” in Flemish) found in Belgium. They have since released a full line-up of beers, but their original Belgian-style pale ale is something to be savored. Find the recipe here.

Flanders Red: Style Profile

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Brettanomyces fermentation is just one of the wonders that makes the Belgian Flanders red style so appealing.

Brewing with Raspberries


The Wiz lays out ways to add fruit and hot peppers to beer. Plus: How to get a crisp finish.

American Trappists


The monks of St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, Mass. run the first American Trappist brewery. Plus: a clone recipe.

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