Date: May-June 2004

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Thai-Style Beer Marinade

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SECOND PLACE, BYO first annual Beer & BBQ Recipe Contest

Tony Simmons
Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Rauch’s Smoke on the Water Beer-B-Que Sauce

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When the worlds of beer and food collide, the results can be enough
to make your mouth water. With the keen eye of Amy Chamberlain,
chef/owner of Manchester, Vermont’s Perfect Wife Restaurant and Tavern,
we managed to select this winning recipe sent in to us by BYO
readers for our first annual Beer & BBQ Recipe Contest. We
encourage you to enjoy the weather, get out and brew up some of this
great BBQ cuisine!


Jack Castro
Fort Collins, Colorado

Delayed Yeast Pitching

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This is a question deserving a brief answer! I think you are on the right track wanting to have your lager fermentations timed where you can use the same lagering schedule. I strongly discourage you, however, to delay pitching the first batch for an entire day because that is a recipe for a potential bacterial

Infusion vs step mashing.

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Infusion mashing is a traditional method using an unheated mash tun, resulting in a single temperature mash. In reality, the temperature drops slightly over the mash rest and increases during sparging. Step mashing uses a heated mashing vessel, frequently called a mash mixer (or maisch böttich in Germany) and incorporates a number of rests. The

Beer and BBQ Recipes

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We asked you, our readers, for your best beer and BBQ recipes and you responded. Now we’re serving up your beery best recipes for the barbeque, smoker or grill. You won’t be at a loss for what to cook this summer after you read our collection of grilled greats.

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