Date: November 1998

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American Beers and Prohibition

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 American beers, pre and post-Prohibition.  The Wiz knows…

Brewing Hefeweizen: Tips from the Pros

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 Brewing Hefe with the Pros…

Funky Mead — Metheglin

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Mead is, of course, easier to brew than beer, although it takes much longer for it to become drinkable, 13 months in this case. Part Belgian witbier, part mead, this is a nice introduction to the world of spiced meads, known as methglin.

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Make the Most of Your Hop Back

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 Get your hop-back on!

Setting the Record Straight

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 Knowing what you have done in the past can improve the beers you make in the future.

The Art of Recipe Design

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It’s the Great Divide: classical vs. romantic, yin and yang, two radically different ways of looking at the world. Yep, we’re talking about science and art as they apply to beer making. Is brewing a science, or is it an art? Well, obviously there’s a lot of both involved, and the scale of those two

7 Ways to Improve Your Kegging

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I remember very distinctly the first time I used a soda keg for storing my completed beer. I remember it well because it was one of the best homebrewing choices I have ever made. It literally cut three hours off of my bottling time. I think my exact thought on the matter was, “48 small

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