Date: November 2002

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Paper City Brewery’s Winter Palace Wee Heavy clone

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One of the original microbreweries in Massachusetts, Paper City Brewery closed its doors in 2016 but you can still brew this classic Wee Heavy using this recipe.

“We use pale and roasted malt to give our ale a rich, full maltiness and a deep, dark amber color. The nature of a WEE HEAVY makes for a higher alcohol percentage but this softens and counterbalances the sweet maltiness of the ales.”

Dogfish Brewery’s Head Midas Touch clone

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This beer was inspired by residue found in drinking vessels that are believed to be from the actual tomb of King Midas. Some secrets of the beverage, dated to around 700 BC, were revealed by the new methods of molecular archaeology.
The residues inside the vessels belonged to a “Phrygian cocktail,” which combined grape wine, barley beer and honey mead. Starting with the ancient chemical evidence, Dogfish Head Brewery “recreated” a marvelous golden elixir, truly touched by King Midas.

Alec’s Doppelbock

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Doppelbock is one of my favorite styles, but it is a tough beer to make. You have to pay total attention to many things in order to get it right. Malt is the showcase, so hops are a lesser concern. Low- to mid-20s on the IBUs will balance the sweetness. Perle and Northern Brewer are good choices. Avoid hops that leave a footprint, like Chinook or Centennial or Cascade.
Alec Mull — Kalamazoo Brewing Company, Michigan

Dan’s Doppelbock

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“The flavor of an excellent doppelbock can be described as clean maltiness. The beer should be quite rich, almost bready. The malt should be dominant. The alcohol character should not be off-putting; neither should there be any astringency in the beer. In a doppelbock, there is a fine line between getting full flavor, maltiness and drinkability, or missing it altogether.”
Dan Carey – New Glarus Brewing Company in NewGlarus, Wisconsin.

Cleaning a soda keg

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Ah, the old birch-beer beer. This reminds me of a time when I screwed up a beer experiment with the remnants of a root beer experiment. We had three groups in our brewing lab class and each group would brew a beer that had one ingredient or process step changed. The results were assessed both

Understanding Diacetyl

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Do you dread diacetyl? Tips on taming those unwanted butterscotch flavors and aromas.

Counter-Pressure Bottling Techniques

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How to move beer from keg to bottle without losing bubbles.

Brewing Doppelbock: Tips from the Pros


Dan Carey of New Glarus and Alec Mull of Kalamazoo offer doppelbock tips (and recipes).

The Massive Mash Tun

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Inspired by Fire Brew, the same Michigan homebrewers gathered again to brew a whopping batch. This time, they put their heads (and hammers) together to build a tun that can hold 660 pounds of grain. Here are their plans how to make a massive mash tun.

Dream Homebreweries

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Five homebrew systems that are simply divine: James Nielsen’s super-stainless brew room and pub club. Raymond Steinhart’s all-electric RIMS, the Budde family’s authentic – and awe-inspiring – German garage and Dennis Collins’ homemade HERMIT (no barbed fittings allowed!).

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