Date: November 2004

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O’Fallon Brewery’s Cherry Chocolate Beer


According the O’Fallon Brewery’s website, “O’Fallon Cherry Chocolate is a dark wheat beer that tastes like a chocolate covered cherry…only better! We use four kinds of grain along with natural cherry and chocolate flavors for a smooth, delicious brew …the perfect sipping beer for the cooler winter months.”

Gelatin fining naturally conditioned beer

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Fining is one of those brewing practices that takes some “touch and feel” to perfect. Not all beers respond equally to finings, regardless of the type. That’s because the components in the beer affected by finings, primarily protein, yeast and polyphenols vary in composition. This is especially true of yeast because different strains vary in

Brewing with Chocolate

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Candy may be dandy, but does it belong in your homebrew? Learn how chocolate is made and why you need to know this in order to brew a better chocobrau.

Hard Cider: Tips from the Pros

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Put the snapple in your apple with tips from the makers of Woodchuck Cider, Ace Cider and Ashton Lewis of Springfield Brewing Company.

4 Great Projects!

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For many homebrewers, building their brewing equipment is half the fun. Here we take a look at some homebrewing projects to help you brew better and enjoy your beer more: a simple but ingenious bottle filler, a home bar, an efficient lagering and serving freezer conversion, plus a peristaltic pump.

Apple Cider: The Flavor of Autumn

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The cooling air, the colors creeping into the foliage… these are all signs that cider season is here. With your knowledge of brewing and current equipment, you can also make great cider. An award-winning cidermaker guides you through the field of options to consider when making this beverage.

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