Date: November 2007

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Two Ancient Brews

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What’s old is new again. Dogfish Head Brewery has been brewing Midas Touch, a beer based on the residue found in an ancient urn, for years. Now they’ve added a second historically-recreated brew to their lineup – Chateau Jiahu. Learn how to clone these “archaeobeers.”

Cylindroconical Fermenters

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Learn how to get the most out of a stainless steel cylindroconical fermenter

Build a French Press Hopback


Add a hoppy aroma to your brews with a homemade hopback.

Harvesting Yeast


How to harvest healthy yeast from one fermentation and use it for your next – all the materials and methods necessary to repitch from batch to batch.

American Amber Ale


America is known for its amber waves of grain…and also for its amber ales. Find out how to brew this modern classic.

Can oats in homebrew lower my cholestrol?

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  I’ve been writing this column for 12 years now and am always surprised by the creativity of homebrewers, especially when it comes to redefining the daily role of beer in one’s life. Topics of beer and health are unfortunately avoided in the United States and many other countries because of labeling laws and discussions

American Amber: Tips from the Pros

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John Harris (Full Sail), John Trogner (Tröegs) and John Hiiva (Steamworks) explain how to put the amber into your American ale.

Back in Black: The Truth About Black Patent Malt


Burnt? Acrid? Or just misunderstood? Learn the truth about how black malt is made and what it’s good for. Plus: four clone recipes

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