Date: November 2015

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Combating Astringency


All is not lost when a batch of beer is spotted that may eventually be ascribed with the scarlet letter “A” for astringency. The key with this statement is that the beer

Scaling Up Recipes


The hard part about answering this question involves determining IBUs in a beer. For the moment, let’s ignore the elephant in the room and pretend that that is not so difficult for

Easy Aeration

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The low-cost method I described uses a tee where the wort flows horizontally into the center branch of the tee and down from the bottom leg. As liquid flows through the tee, air is sucked into the liquid flow from the branch that is exposed to the air. I described the use of a cotton

Diacetyl Rests

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Perform a diacetyl rest, build a simple aeration device, and convert recipes to larger batch sizes.

Homebrew Brined Turkey

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Put more homebrew on your holiday table by preparing your Thanksgiving turkey with homemade beer.

Elixir of Life

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An Olde Ale was the first C.H.A.O.S. all-club barrel project and a recipe that is suitable for aging in any type of spirit barrel, but also tasty on its own.

30 result(s) found.