Date: November 2019

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Handling With Frozen Fruit

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Hollywood movies generously apply dramatic license in all matters of the world. But when it comes to portraying the resurrection of frozen life forms, there is not much exaggeration when the organism is something like a bacterial or yeast cell. And most of us kind of know, perhaps without really knowing it, that freezing is

The Not-So-Great Hop Fade

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Question and answer columns can be really frustrating for the writer when a question seems totally answerable until details within the question get in the way of the answer. Pesky details! This question contains a few of those gems. There are a few ways around this problem. One sneaky way is to carefully edit the

Drop-In Brewing Co.’s Heart of Lothian clone

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In terms of style, the beer is considered a Scottish 90/- or wee heavy and uses, “Scottish Golden Promise barley malt, British floor-malted crystal, and chocolate malts, Fuggle and Kent Golding hops, and British yeast.”

Drop-In Brewing Co.

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A well-balanced wee heavy (Scottish 90/-) may seem like a straight-forward style to brew, but a challenge to master. The Replicator gets the skinny on Heart of Lothian, a wee heavy from one of the legends in the brewing world.

Water Control System: Making the most of a float switch


A float switch can be a beautiful addition to any homebrewery. Learn about one homebrewer’s water control system that helps him achieve three goals during his brew day.

Draft Care


Pouring a beer with a perfect head of foam from your draft system is a thing of beauty, but without proper maintenance the experience can be spoiled. Keep things from going off

Drool Page

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Featuring some of the latest drool worthy features found in our Homebrew Nation section of BYO. Homebrew Drool Setup — JR Renna • Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania While the industrial look is highly appealing, the weight of all that iron adds up! Many of us have fun names for our homebrew operation. My homebrewery name is

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