Date: November 2022

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2022 Holiday Gift Guide


This holiday season give the gift of beer! Check out all of the great beer gear on the next few pages for some gift ideas for friends and family or make your own homebrew holiday wishlist…

By The Pint: Enjoying traditional British ales for 50 years


A homebrewer realizes that his 50th anniversary of loving British ales is coming up. He reflects back on his past with both the traditional ales from the island nation as well as his relationship with craft beer through the years

Don’t Forget Your Lines! How and why you should clean your draft lines


Most nanobrewers spend a lot of time on their cleaning and sanitation protocol for cellar equipment. Are the taprooms where their beer is being poured doing the same?

Gordon Strong’s Grape Ale


This grape ale example is based on the version I made with Cervejaria 4 Árvores in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2018.

Crystal Malts: Tips from the Pros


In addition to lending color and flavor to beer, crystal malts enhance body and help with foam stability. Three pros make the best ways to use crystal malt crystal clear.

2022 Label Contest Winners


The winning homebrew labels from BYO’s 2022 Label Contest, which really show off the creativity of homebrewers from around the world.

Bring on the Warmth


Get tips and recipes for brewing three high-ABV styles — barleywine, wheatwine, and imperial stout — that you can brew now to help shake off the frost in the dead of winter.

Winter’s Imperial Stout


Imperial Stout Recipe (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain)OG = 1.097  FG = 1.027IBU = 70  SRM = 100  ABV = 9.5% Ingredients12 lbs. (5.4 kg) U.K. pale ale malt3 lbs. (1.4 kg) Munich II

Winter’s Wheatwine


A big, high-gravity recipe to brew a classic wheatwine, but with a new school hop lineup.

Winter’s Barleywine


This is kind of a hybrid English/American barleywine.

Playing With Extract: Sometimes simple can be better


When an experienced homebrewer uses malt extracts, opportunities abound in terms of the beer’s potential. Denny and Drew have some tricks for those looking to save time on brew day.

Grape Ale: Pyment’s beery cousin


While the combination of wine grapes and beer dates back millennia, up until the last decade or so the modern craft beer movement has largely overlooked it. Get the scoop on grape ales and how Italian brewers helped pioneer the style.

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