Date: November 2023

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2023 Holiday Gift Guide


This holiday season give the gift of beer! Check out all of the great beer gear in our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide for gift ideas for friends and family or make your own homebrew holiday wishlist…

Homebrewing as an Educational Experience for Kids


Teaching kids about the brewing process has implications with other facets of our world. Maximize the learning possibilities by sharing the science of what we do every time we make beer with those still too young to enjoy its results.



Brewers who have to deal with very hard water or changing water profiles from their faucet should find a solution to treat it. One homebrewer set out to build the ultimate water filtration system that would make even a chemist proud

Gas Dynamics


Most draft systems require an outside source of gas and a regulator to control their flow. Learn about the various options we have in the gas world and different ways they can be applied to maximize your draft experience.

Not Craig’s Smoked Porter!


(5 gallons/19 L, all-grain) OG = 1.070  FG = 1.016 IBU = 45  SRM = 33  ABV = 7.2% Recipe courtesy of Jeff Gladish who is a bona fide rauchbier fanatic (see picture

Learn How to Smoke Your Beers


Beer produced with smoked malts don’t need to be smoke bombs. Learn to craft your own smoked malts and use them in recipes.

Rice Lager


If you are looking for a beer with a clean and crisp character with very low bitterness, you’ve come to the right place. Gordon Strong takes us on a journey through the mechanics to brew Japanese rice lagers or simply rice lagers.

Gordon Strong’s Rice Lager


I like having a good, clean lager on tap, and this one has a refreshing quality while still being interesting.

Getting Into the Nitty Gritty on Apparent Attenuation


This is a great question that touches on several topics. I’ll start with a brief description of what you already know about mashing. For a given malt, wort fermentability is a function

The Dynamics Of Lukr Faucets


Lukr beer faucets, often referred to as “Lukrs,” have been popping up all over North America in recent years due to the rising popularity of traditional Pilsners and other lagers by beer-loving

Faucet Dynamics, Apparent Attenuation


A homebrewer recently acquired a Lukr faucet for his home draft system and wants some advice on how to properly use it. Also, learn about the details of apparent attenuation.

Garage Project Brewery


The Replicator gets a request for a beer style that is too often overlooked . . . an American-style pale ale, brewed by a New Zealand brewery that is doing a remarkable job with it.

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