Date: October 2000

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Fresh hopped beers


Fresh, unkilned hops can certainly be used in beer and there is no right or wrong way to use them. I think fresh or “green” hops are best for late-hopping because of

Can I mash in an oven?


The oven-mash method can be effective. A very slow increase from 100° to 150° F will give all mash enzymes an opportunity to convert the starches in malted barley into fermentable sugars.

Forgot to add hops during my boil


There is not much great news to report on this unfortunate oversight. Hops need to be boiled to convert the insoluble alpha-acids into the soluble iso-alpha-acids. Unless the alpha-acids are “isomerized” during

Mendocino Brewing Co.’s Red Tail Ale clone


One of the classic and original American Amber Ales.

Don’t Boil It!


Here in the United States, conventional homebrewing wisdom holds that you should always boil prehopped extract beer kits. But does this help or hurt your beer? One expert offers some revolutionary advice: Follow the instructions on the kit!

Wild, Wild Rice!


Make some truly unique homebrew with this indigenous Northwoods grain. With recipes for all-grain, partial mash and extract versions.

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