Date: October 2006

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Cashmere Brewing Co.’s Bulldog Amber clone

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Cashmere Brewing Co. closed it’s doors in 2009 but fans of the brewery can still brew up their Bulldog Amber ale with this recipe.

What are the keys to an efficient wort chiller?

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So you want a techno-geek essay on heat exchangers? I’ll do my best here admitting up-front that mass and heat transfer are not subjects that I claim much expertise. But wort cooling isn’t rocket science and taking my advice, even if totally crazy, will not do anyone serious harm . . . so, yes, you

Countertop Partial Mashing

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What do you get when you combine partial mashing, batch sparging and the extract late method of extract brewing? An easy, flexible way to brew better beer on your stovetop — countertop partial mashing. 

We’ll take you step by step through this procedure and point out its many benefits along the way. Plus: Three partial mash recipes and two web-only bonus recipes!

Lessons Learned from Commercial Hop Growers

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An interview with a commercial hop farmer and what her advice means to your homebrew. Plus: Tips on brewing with homegrown hops

Build a Mash/Lauter Vessel: Projects

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Looking to try all-grain brewing, but worrying about the cost of new equipment? Learn how to build an inexpensive mash/lauter vessel.

Balancing Malt & Hops: Tips from the Pros

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The combined wisdom of Alan Pugsley (Shipyard Brewing), Todd Charbonneau (Harpoon Brewery) and Kirby Nelson (Capital Brewery) on the topic of malt and hop combinations.

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