Date: October 2015

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Coffee American Rye Ale

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This combines the spicy flavor profile of you basic rye ale and adds a shot of coffee to boost the complexities found in the beer’s profile.

Build an Indoor Vent Hood

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When you decide that you’re ready to brew inside the comforts of your home, you will need to find a way to exhaust the condensation from your boil. You could go out and buy a commercial kitchen vent hood, but most of them are usually a far reach from a homebrewer’s budget. When I was

Harvesting Homegrown Hops

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Growing your own hops is a fun way to make your homebrew a little more homemade and can provide the freshest hops in your beer. We’ve run plenty of articles on how to grow hop plants (Humulus lupulus), so we’ll skip that here and instead focus on tips for harvesting and processing the hops as

Kodiak Island Brewing Company: Oktoberfest clone


This traditional Oktoberfest is a classic take on the German style, featuring an amber color and sweet, malty notes.

Experimenting with Cider

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As every devoted homebrewer knows, hard cider can be boring to make. You need only two ingredients for cider — apples and yeast — and starting a batch requires just five minutes and a fermenter. Where’s the creativity? Where’s the excitement without a six-hour brew day and hundreds of dollars of stainless steel? Luckily, a

Homebrewing with Chocolate

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I believe it was Fred Eckhardt who first put the idea into my mind that chocolate could go well with beer. My reaction was that this was nonsense and that adding chocolate to any beer would simply spoil both the beer and the chocolate! I have loved chocolate all my life, and beer for almost

Brewer’s Thumbprint: 5 Homebrewers & 1 Recipe

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I’ve always been curious about whether or not it’s truly possible to “clone” a beer on a homebrew scale. Consider the number of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or Stone IPA clone beers you’ve sampled at club meetings that barely resemble the beer they claim to have copied. My thinking has always been that certain factors and details end

Brewing Better Belgians

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  Belgian ales are complex and elegant. They’re my favorites to homebrew and drink. One issue I’ve had, however, is finding a Belgian beer that’s less than six months old in the United States. My Belgian-style homebrewing is therefore based on the aged examples I could get. What’s a workaround for this dilemma? A Belgian

Troubleshooting Homebrew

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Modern homebrew has improved greatly since I first began brewing in the mid-1990s. Better ingredients, equipment, and information has led homebrewers to avoid many of those formerly commonplace mistakes and produce commercial-quality amateur craft beer. Yet there are some common mistakes that still show up, even among good brewers. However, by focusing on a few

Crafting Coffee Beers

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Coffee and beer are two of the most popular beverages in the world. Both have complex flavors and aromas and can be found in a wide variety of styles. Even better, coffee and beer work great together. It’s time to liven up your homebrewing with the addition of this long-loved, flavorful, and stimulating bean! In

Fresh Malt Extract is Best

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Picture the scene: You walk into your local homebrew shop intent on brewing a great batch of beer this weekend. Grabbing some extract off the shelf you notice it’s dusty — typical of many homebrew shops where grains are milled daily. It’s hard to say how old it is. “Didn’t they change labels on this

Hop Shelf Life & Egg Finings: Mr. Wizard

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Q I have a random assortment of leftover hops in the back of my freezer that is about a year old. I always freeze the unused portions right away so they don’t have a lot of room temperature time. I’d like to use them up and I am wondering if I should use them strictly

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