Date: October 2015

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Brewing with Fresh (Wet) Hops: Tips from the Pros

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The window to use fresh hops (that have not been dried) is small, but the reward can be great. Here are some tips to help take advantage of what nature gives us. Brewer: Kevin Smith,  Bale Breaker Brewing Co. in Yakima, WA At Bale Breaker Brewing Co., we brew a 100% wet hop beer called

Kodiak Island Brewing Co.’s Oktoberfest: Replicator

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Dear Replicator, A couple of years ago my dad decided to take my brother and I on what he called an “extreme guys fishing get away.” I wasn’t too excited about the fishing or the location — Kodiak, Alaska. Turns out that even though it is very remote, it was pretty cool. The best part

Liquid Pumpkin Pie

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Liquid Pumpkin Pie (5 gallons/19 L, all-grain) OG = 1.054 FG = 1.014 IBU = 15 SRM = 13 ABV = 5.4% Ingredients 4 lbs. (1.8 kg) UK Golden Promise™ malt 2 lbs. (0.91 kg) German Vienna malt 1.5 lbs. (0.68 kg) German dark Munich malt 12 oz. (0.34 kg) flaked oats 12 oz. (0.34

Back Sweetening Hard Cider

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Use these techniques for adding sugar back to your hard cider after it ferments to dryness.

Autumn Seasonal Beer

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Explore “autumn seasonal beer.” While the category may be new, pumpkin beers have long been a fall favorite.

Football & Homebrew

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When he’s not punting footballs, former Pro Bowler Brandon Fields is often pursuing another passion: Homebrewing.

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