Date: October 2016

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Craze for the Haze: New England IPAs

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Centered in the northeastern corner of the USA, the hazy IPA has taken on a cult following in recent years. But the trend hasn’t come without backlash. In fact there is no shortage of opinions among craft beer enthusiasts these days about the haze craze. To those that enjoy this brand of IPA, the hazy

Lautering 101


  If you’re an extract brewer thinking about going all-grain, one of the most important steps to understand, after mashing, is lautering. Lautering is the process by which the brewer separates the

Choosing a Fermenter

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When it comes to your homebrew, most people will say the most crucial element is taking care of your fermentation, and reasonably so. Although everything involved in making your wort is important, the real stars in the process are the yeast, since they do the true heavy lifting in beer. Honestly, as brewers we’re just

Pre-Prohibition Porter

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by the numbers OG: 1.046–1.060 FG:1.010–1.016 SRM:18–30 IBU:20–30 ABV:4.5–6% The United States has been called the melting pot, but that metaphor was meant to describe cultural assimilation of immigrants not the creation of beer styles. However, I think it also works to talk about taking a popular beer style from England, having it brewed by

Keg Hopping, Residual Sweetness: Mr. Wizard

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Q Some questions came up in our homebrew club about keg hopping. First, will you get the same effects in a cold keg as you would a warm secondary? and if it does work, what is a good method (quantity, temperature, time frame)? Josh Jayne West Haven, Connecticut A My general rule, and one that

Lake Time Brewery’s Park Bench Porter: Replicator

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Dear Replicator, We live in Wyoming but were recently in Clear Lake, Iowa and stopped at Lake Time Brewery. All of their beers were good but their Park Bench Porter really stood out. I rarely use delicious to describe beer but the term really applies to this one. They are only open three days a week and brew on a

Keg Hopping


What differences can be expected from dry hopping at fermentation temperature vs. in a refrigerated keg?

Cider for Beer Lovers


Fall means apples, and apples mean hard cider. But don’t skip using hops, spices, and your favorite yeast strains!

Traditional Mead: Tips from the Pros

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Two meadmakers share their tips and procedure to make a traditional mead.

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