Date: October 2018

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Organize a Homebrew Competition


A tremendous amount of planning and work goes into organizing a homebrew competition. Here is what to consider if your club is looking to start hosting a competition or make an existing one run more smoothly.

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Recording Your Brew Day


Taking notes from brew day on through the end of packaging helps brewers repeat what works, see why targets were missed, and better understand equipment, ingredients, and the science of brewing beer.

Brewing With Chocolate: Tips From the Pros


When it comes to chocolate flavored beers, adding cocoa products may not be necessary but certainly can greatly enhance the final beer. But the intricacies of what, when, and how you should add the cocoa is often a debated topic in the brewing world. We decided to delve into the nitty-gritty with three professionals highly versed in what it takes to get the best when combining cocoa and beer.

27 result(s) found.