Date: October 2021

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Open Fermentations: Circling back to fermenters of yesteryear

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Open fermentation is something that is espoused for many styles to develop their expressive character. Denny and Drew explain the process and why you may want to give it a try along with a favorite recipe of theirs.

Drew’s Open Fermentation Experimental Mild

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Drew’s Mild sings best when allowed to breathe! So be sure to keep the fermentation open (but covered).

Gordon Strong’s Czech Dark Lager

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I prefer maltier versions of this style a touch stronger but this version is on the hoppy side to help distinguish it from its German cousin.

Czech Dark Lager: Prague’s dunkel

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When it comes to dark lagers, schwarzbier and Munich dunkels aren’t the only kinds being brewed in Europe. Learn about the differences between those two styles and the Czech version of a dark lager.

A Beer’s Changing Profiles, Copper Questions, and Kräusening For Homebrewers

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A homebrewer trying to clone a beer finds his version has a changing taste profile. Mr. Wizard has some thoughts as to why this may be. Also learn about cleaning copper equipment and the old-school technique of kräusening.

Kräusening For Homebrewers

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Kräusening is a lagering method with two main uses. And both are based on the same basic technique of adding some beer in the “high kräusen” stage of fermentation to beer that has undergone primary fermentation. The attenuation level of the beer being kräusened is what divides the two uses. Let’s start with beer that

Question About Cleaning Copper

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Many brewers and cooks love copperware for its heat transfer properties and attractive appearance. One of the downsides, however, to copper is that pretty, honey-like color turns brown over time and requires polishing to restore the shine. And sometimes, the brownish tint turns green. The good news is that brown and greenish-brown copper surfaces are

A Beer’s Changing Flavor Profile

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Just reading this question makes me want to stop writing and go find one of these great beers! Describing off-flavors can be difficult, especially in beer styles with a combination of special ingredients like coffee and chocolate, special malts, and alcohol. Whether my hunches are correct about the causes of your specific problems are correct

Big Island Brewhaus’ Golden Sabbath clone

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Stylistically, Golden Sabbath can be considered a slightly fuller-bodied Belgian golden strong ale. The use of local Hawaiian honey in place of traditional Belgian candi sugar provides body, a silky texture, and an inviting aroma.

Big Island Brewhaus

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The Replicator flies to Hawaii to uncover the secrets behind Big Island Brewhaus’ Belgian-style golden ale. Check out the story behind a remarkable brew from the Aloha state.

EZ Scrub Cleaner

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If getting your electric heating element clean is a vexing task, you definitely need to check out this EZ Scrub solution.

Forced Carbonation


Learn many of the basic concepts behind the task of forced carbonation.

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