Date: September 2007

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Back in the day – we’re talking WAY back in the day – beer was brewed with malt, and bread, and honey and wine . . . and just about anything that could be fermented. How the ancients brewed – and how you can too!

10 GABF Gold Medal Clones


Every year, breweries compete in the Great American Beer Festival. Their beers square off in 69 categories – and, with the help of some friendly brewmasters, we’ve got homebrew clones of 10 of the gold medal winners.


Brown Ale


Back in the day, every ale was a brown ale. It wasn’t until fairly recently, however, that anybody labelled their beer “brown ale.” Learn the differences between, and how to brew, both English sub-styles of this beer.

Three Mini Projects: Projects


These projects are simple and relatively inexpensive, but nonetheless may prove to be quite useful in your home brewery. Have you ever broken a hydrometer when you needed it most? Ever had an airlock run dry in the night? Do you worry that your plate chiller could be a source of contamination? If so, read on and put your mind at ease.

Brewing With Coffee


Coffee in the morning and beer at night? What about both at the same time? How to blend two of the most popular beverages in the world into a heady brew. 

Foreign Extra Stout


Beer selection in the tropics is limited, but it isn’t limited to just cookie-cutter yellow lagers. If you don’t want fizz-water with a lime in it, grab a foreign extra stout. We’ll show you how to brew one.

Water Chemistry: Tips from the Pros


Are your ideas about water chemistry all wet? Let Greg Noonan (Vermont Pub & Brewery), Keith Villa (Blue Moon/Coors) and Kraig Bridgeford (Butte Creek) give a cut and dried explanation.

Wort Boiling


Your bubbling boil doesn’t have to cause trouble or toil. We’ll show you how to get the most from this most basic of brewing procedures.

20 result(s) found.