Date: September 2008

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Pickup Tube: Projects

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Frugal brewers everywhere will appreciate this DIY pickup tube design (or at least enjoy a little extra beer).

Buffers and Brewing


What is a buffer and why should advanced homebrewers learn about them? Put on your chemistry cap and sit back while we attempt to take the bafflement out of buffers.

Irish Dry Stout

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Think all stouts are thick, heavy and boozy? Think again! Dry stout is refreshing, light-bodied and low in alcohol. 

Low-Hop Homebrew Recipes 

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The hops crisis has reduced the amount of hops available to homebrewers, but hasn’t diminished our desire to brew. For the temporarily hop hampered, we present 10 low-hop homebrew recipes. These beers are low on hops, but big on flavor. Plus: tips for getting the most from your hops.

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