Date: September 2011

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Eliminating chill haze


Chill haze is the product of protein and polyphenol (tannin) interactions in beer and occur when beer is chilled, hence the name chill haze. There are various methods aimed at chill haze

Quick Fermentations


To answer this question I will assume that you do not have a chilly root cellar where you are fermenting lagers, and that most, if not all, of your homebrews are ales.

Making Ice Cider


If you like making hard cider, you might enjoy making ice cider. Try fermenting this delicious dessert beverage that hails from the cool climate of Québec.

Beer Blending: Tips from the Pros


Want to try an easy homebrew experiment? Try blending!

Spent Grain Dog Treats


If you have spent grains and hungry dogs, try making treats from the grains for your canine friends.

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