Date: September 2014

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Maximize Your Mash: Understanding Impact of Equipment & Temperature

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There is an old saying that brewers make wort but yeast make beer. It is hard to argue against that fact, but the wort we feed the yeast will determine the final qualities in the beer. For example, the sugars available in the wort and its fermentability are critical parameters in determining how the beer

Bière de Garde

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by the numbers OG:1.060–1.080 (14.7–19.3 °P) FG:1.008–1.016 (2–4.1 °P) SRM:6–19 IBU:18–28 ABV:6–8.5% It was well over a decade ago and I was still perfecting my brewing of the entire Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) style guide. My process was to read everything about a style, drink as many commercial and homebrew samples as I could

Seasonal Pumpkin Alternatives: Tips from Pros

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Breweries across the country turn to pumpkins for their fall seasonals. However, a few brewers are treading their own paths and finding seasonal alternatives such as sweet potatoes, yams, and squash. Here are some tips so you can break the mold too. Brewer: Leslie Henderson, Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company, Mississippi Jefferson Stout was inspired by

Bale Breaker Brewing Company’s Top Cutter IPA: Replicator

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Dear Replicator, I recently visited Seattle. one beer especially caught me as soon as I opened the can with a wonderful hop aroma that kept my attention until the last drop. Can you provide a clone recipe for Bale Breaker Brewery’s Top Cutter IPA? Isaac Belcher Danville, Indiana Every year one the largest hop brokers

KROC German Pils

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A hopped up German-style Pilsner pulled together by KROC homebrew club for a yeast experiment.

Late Hop Additions


The Wiz discusses late hop additions, the complex issue of CO2 qualities and mash stirring.

Operation Strain

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A Colorado homebrew club crowdsourced to find the best yeast strains for brewing a club member’s German Pils.

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