Date: September 2017

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Step-by-Step All-Grain Brewing


Like many homebrewers, my first batch of beer was made with a basic extract kit, complete with instructions and all the ingredients necessary for my brew of choice. I enjoyed the whole

Brewing with Ancient Grains

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The modern era of agriculture and cultivation of crops, somewhere around 7000 BC, was partly due to the desire and demand for beer. People wanted a reliable source of beer, something I think we can all understand. They cultivated the barley that was already sporadically available growing wild. Barley can be considered the mother of

A Guide to Brewing Honey Beers

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Honey is a powerful tool that we brewers can utilize in our quest to make tasty beers. While honey additions have traditionally been associated with certain styles (brown ale, porter, holiday ale, strong ale, etc.), honey is now used in virtually every style of beer. This trend is for good reason, seeing as how honey

Best Bitter

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Noted English beer writer Martyn Cornell described bitter as the “iconic pint” that is the “country’s favourite drink” in his excellent book, Amber, Gold & Black. That was certainly my impression the first time I visited the United Kingdom in 1998. The previous year I had heard Michael Jackson and Mark Dorber speak at the

Pairing Hops and Fruit: Tips from the Pros

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You should always take into account the intensity of fruit aroma and flavor when deciding how to hop your beer. Brewer: Adam Bailey,  Bonfire Brewing in Eagle, CO Whether you call them fruit IPAs or hoppy fruit beers, one thing we can all agree to call them is delicious when done well. But, pairing two

How Water Minerals Change Through Brewing

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Much is made about water profiles during the brewing process, but what impact does brewing have on mineral content, and how do different ingredients and techniques affect these levels by the time fermentation is complete?

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