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Simply Saison

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With roots in the agrarian lifestyle in northern Europe, many brewers pigeon-hole saisons to look and taste a certain way. But the truth is that it is a fairly diverse class of farmhouse ales. Learn about many of its renditions and a recipe.

Sour Beer Techniques Workshop

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Learn European as well as newer American methods to produce sour and funky beers from Michael Tonsmeire, who literally wrote the book on the subject with American Sour Beers.  Michael will demonstrate the unique skills needed to create your own sour beers including wort production, growing alternative microbes, blending, aging on fruit, and sanitation. The

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Pastry Stout: Have your cake and drink it too


While sometimes derided among lovers of traditional beer styles, the fact is that pastry stouts are popular and for a reason . . . they can be delicious. Find out what it takes to brew one yourself.

Bring on the Warmth

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Get tips and recipes for brewing three high-ABV styles — barleywine, wheatwine, and imperial stout — that you can brew now to help shake off the frost in the dead of winter.

Grape Ale: Pyment’s beery cousin

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While the combination of wine grapes and beer dates back millennia, up until the last decade or so the modern craft beer movement has largely overlooked it. Get the scoop on grape ales and how Italian brewers helped pioneer the style.

Mild By Name, Mild By Nature

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English mild has been around for hundreds of years, yet it can still be a difficult style to put a finger on. That may be due to no single characteristic jumping out of the glass or the fact it has undergone numerous iterations throughout history. An Englishman explains why those beyond the U.K. should be taking a closer look at the humble mild. Plus: Four mild clone recipes from the U.K.

Chicha Beer


Chicha beer is a modern interpretation of the historical chicha drink from the Andean region of South America that respects tradition by using elements of the historical style with modern methods and ingredients. This reimagined style is open to interpretation, but is most often brewed with corn and other ingredients native to Latin America, has a slight sourness, skips the hops, and should be drank fresh. Learn more about this rustic style and how to brew your own chicha beer.

Making Hard Seltzers at Home

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Hard seltzers are everywhere and you can also make your own hard seltzers at home flavored just the way you want. But making it is a bit different from brewing beer since you are essentially fermenting sugar water. So you’ll need to get tips and advice on using yeast nutrients to get the job done.

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Belgian Tripel: A beer deserving respect

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Created within the walls of the Westmalle monastery in the 1930s, the Belgian tripel is now one of the most iconic beer styles in a country replete with them. Go in depth with Gordon Strong to learn about it.

Vienna Lager: Brew me, Amadeus

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Some of the most well-known classical music was written and performed in Vienna and it is also home to one of the classic lagers of the world, the Vienna lager. Take a tour of its history and what it takes to craft your own.

Germany’s Beers of Autumn

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Fall in Germany means Märzen and festbier! Learn about the history and differences of these styles, plus get tips straight from some of the greatest brewers on how they create their examples.

The Basics of Sour Beer


Learn the basics of the various ways brewers in this era can produce sour beers, from traditional to modern.

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