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West Coast IPA

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Clear, crisp, and packing a punch, the modern West Coast IPA offers drinkers plenty of hop character. Take a journey to Southern California where this style was born and has since been exported around the world.


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A bock-strength German wheat beer While our understanding and categorization of the German wheat beer family has evolved over the years, the acknowledgement of a strong wheat beer called weizenbock has been relatively static. Maybe that is because the prototypical weizenbock, Schneider Aventinus, is truly a world-class beer that is widely available and is well-known.

American Pale Ale

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The American pale ale will always hold a special place in the heart of any craft beer fan that lived through the 80s and 90s in the U.S. Gordon Strong takes us on a journey to explore its history and why it still remains relevant today.

Italian Pilsner

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While not exactly new to the craft beer world, the Italian Pilsner has been gaining popularity in recent years as consumers and breweries look to styles other than IPAs that can provide nice dry-hopped qualities.

American Porter: A robust dark brown ale

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Often overlooked by its bigger, bolder, stout cousin; porter still has a loyal following. Find out the history and keys to brew one of its sub-styles, the American porter.

Simply Saison

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With roots in the agrarian lifestyle in northern Europe, many brewers pigeon-hole saisons to look and taste a certain way. But the truth is that it is a fairly diverse class of farmhouse ales. Learn about many of its renditions and a recipe.

Sour Beer Techniques Workshop

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Learn European as well as newer American methods to produce sour and funky beers from Michael Tonsmeire, who literally wrote the book on the subject with American Sour Beers.  Michael will demonstrate the unique skills needed to create your own sour beers including wort production, growing alternative microbes, blending, aging on fruit, and sanitation. The

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Pastry Stout: Have your cake and drink it too


While sometimes derided among lovers of traditional beer styles, the fact is that pastry stouts are popular and for a reason . . . they can be delicious. Find out what it takes to brew one yourself.

Bring on the Warmth

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Get tips and recipes for brewing three high-ABV styles — barleywine, wheatwine, and imperial stout — that you can brew now to help shake off the frost in the dead of winter.

Grape Ale: Pyment’s beery cousin

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While the combination of wine grapes and beer dates back millennia, up until the last decade or so the modern craft beer movement has largely overlooked it. Get the scoop on grape ales and how Italian brewers helped pioneer the style.

Mild By Name, Mild By Nature

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English mild has been around for hundreds of years, yet it can still be a difficult style to put a finger on. That may be due to no single characteristic jumping out of the glass or the fact it has undergone numerous iterations throughout history. An Englishman explains why those beyond the U.K. should be taking a closer look at the humble mild. Plus: Four mild clone recipes from the U.K.

Chicha Beer


Chicha beer is a modern interpretation of the historical chicha drink from the Andean region of South America that respects tradition by using elements of the historical style with modern methods and ingredients. This reimagined style is open to interpretation, but is most often brewed with corn and other ingredients native to Latin America, has a slight sourness, skips the hops, and should be drank fresh. Learn more about this rustic style and how to brew your own chicha beer.

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