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Tips For a Quality Hazy IPA

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Welcome back to the world of homebrewing after your quarter-century hiatus! Not sure where you are in the process of brewing your current batch of New England IPA and hope this answer helps clear up a few things in your quest for unclarity. My basic advice is to give your beer a few days in

Adjusting Body and Gravity

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Things don’t always go as planned when brewing beer. Make sure you’re ready for those days when things go awry. Learn the basic remedial steps that brewers have in their arsenal to combat an “off-day.”

Seeking a Crisp Finish

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Ah, in search of that wonderful crisp finish. I too prefer beers that do not linger on the palate and have a certain zip to them, and I have spent a fair amount of time in pursuit of this quality. I will attempt to address this sequentially with the various things in the brewing process

Maximizing Mouthfeel: Tips from the Pros


Texture tips from two professional brewers on how to manage mouthfeel for bodacious body in your brew.

Invasion of the Body Killers

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The moment of truth has arrived. You hand your best buddy and toughest critic a pint of your latest brew. He raises the glass to his lips and sips. And says with a shrug, “Not bad. A little roasty for a mild ale.” Hmm. Problem is, this recipe was for an imperial stout. Your friend’s

Body Builders: Tips from the Pros

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Brewer:  Shaun O’Sullivan Brewery:  Steelhead Brewing Co., San Francisco Years of experience:  Four Education:  Completed brewing courses at University of California, Davis House Beers:  Blonde Pale Ale, Pier Post Stout, Hefe­-weizen, Beach Street Porter, Fort Point Strong Ale, Bombay Bomber IPA, Steelhead Amber, Razzmatazz Adding body to your beer depends on the style. Our blond

Add Body to Your Beer


It is time to try your first bottle of that (hopefully) great beer you have just brewed. You pop the cap, nice hiss, good carbonation. You pour your beer and admire its

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