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Deschutes Deconstructed

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When Gary Fish founded his Deschutes brewpub in Bend, Oregon in 1988 it was the first brewery in the city in modern times. Fast forward to the present and you will find over two dozen breweries, giving Bend possibly the highest number of breweries per capita of any place in the US. Is there something

Icicle Brewing Company

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The Priebe Porter is a classic representation of an American robust porter. The color is very dark brown but still displays nice clarity and beautiful ruby highlights.

Vermont Cult Clones

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It’s 2:30 on a Monday afternoon and I find myself sitting at a pub called the Blackback Pub in downtown Waterbury, Vermont (pop. ~5,000). It is standing room only and the pub across the street looks just as crowded. Conversation is lively among the patrons and they are all drinking from stemware more familiar to

Celebrating Sierra Nevada: Brewing Tips & Clone Recipes

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About twelve years ago, I first met Sierra Nevada Brewing Company Founder Ken Grossman at the Northern California Homebrew Festival in Napa, California. Ken was the keynote speaker. His talk began with sharing the mistakes he had made over the years at Sierra Nevada. One of the many stories that surprised me related to when

Victory Brewing Company: Replicator

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  Dear Replicator, My wife, Jean, and I brew together. My tastes run toward the hop head side and I brew plenty of pale ales and IPAs, but her tastes run toward the malty side and she just loves porters and stouts. Her all-time favorite stout is the Storm King IMPERIAL Stout from the Victory

American Trappists


The monks of St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, Mass. run the first American Trappist brewery. Plus: a clone recipe.

Sierra Nevada Brewmaster

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Steve Dresler just may have the perfect job as brewmaster of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. in Chico, Calif.

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