Topic: Brewing History

Tudor Beer

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Examine and attempt to decode the first written (hopped) beer recipe in England. Brew a beer that will please the historians and perhaps be fit for a king.

Steam-Powered Belgian Brews

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A brewery in Belgium is a living museum.

Gose: A relic returns


This obscure beer style, which is slightly salty and slightly sour, has been brewed for over 1,000 years.

Tutankhamun Ale

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With a little help from some archaeologists, we may all be able to brew and drink the beer that King Tut drank.

Brewing Historical Porter with Brett

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Historically, porter was transferred in oak casks, which very likely contributed Brettanomyces to the brew. Can that phenomenon be recreated?

Two Ancient Brews

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What’s old is new again. Dogfish Head Brewery has been brewing Midas Touch, a beer based on the residue found in an ancient urn, for years. Now they’ve added a second historically-recreated brew to their lineup – Chateau Jiahu. Learn how to clone these “archaeobeers.”


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Back in the day – we’re talking WAY back in the day – beer was brewed with malt, and bread, and honey and wine . . . and just about anything that could be fermented. How the ancients brewed – and how you can too!

1776 Porter

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A homebrewer goes back in time to brew an authentic American Colonial-style ale. Recipe included!

When Brown Stout was Stout

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Let us take you back to a time when stout was the brewery’s best porter. Today’s black stouts had their origins in yesterday’s stout brown porter. Find out everything — from brown malts to basic methods — to brewing this historic beer style. Plus: a recipe for an authentic 1820 stout.

Chancellor Ale

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College and beer go together like, well, college and beer. But did your college brew its own? For almost 600 years, Queen’s College at Oxford in England brewed an everyday ale and special yearly brew — Chancellor Ale. With an orginal gravity over 1.130, brewing Chancellor Ale is both a historical journey and a brewing challenge. Plus: extract and all-grain recipes

A History of Malt Extract

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Set sail on a journey of new inventions, scurvy sailors and botched beer. It’s the (early) history of malt extract. Plus: historical extract recipes straight from Captain Cook!

Colonial Ale

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Using a handwritten recipe unearthed at an eighteenth-century Virginia plantation, a homebrewer and archaeologist recreated Mrs. Cary’s Good Ale, a homemade, all-malt beer from a colonial kitchen.

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