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American Beers and Prohibition

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 American beers, pre and post-Prohibition.  The Wiz knows…

Reinheitsgebot: Behind the German Beer Purity Law

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The Reinheitsgebot is more than an ad slogan. It’s a historical document that says a lot about the development of German-style brewing.

Searching for Medieval Ale


Today’s homebrewer can recreate history with a few basic ingredients and a little imagination

Homebrewing During Prohibition

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The reputation of homebrewers suffered during the Noble Experiment.

Julius Caesar’s Beer

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History tells us that Julius Caesar was stabbed in the back by Brutus in 44 BC. If everyone had just been a little patient, Caesar’s passion for a mug of beer would have killed him off without the mess of the Ides of March stabbing. In fact it was probably the Roman passion for a

16th Century Homebrewers

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Brewing takes on an historical flavor for members of the Mag Mor Brewers Guild, a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Members of the SCA adopt personas, or characters, from the 16th century and earlier and re-create many aspects of the Middle Ages. The brewers bring to life medieval methods of brewing beer and

Revolutionary Brewing

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Imagine the scene: a dimly-lit, chilly tavern in 18th century Boston, Philadelphia, or perhaps New York. The fire is blazing, occasionally sending cascades of spark and flame rocketing onto the hearth, almost in unison with the fiery rhetoric of revolution being whispered in hushed tones in a dark corner of the room. Clouds of Virginia

Prohibition Pilsner

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Find out what beer was like in the time of Al Capone. We’ve got the recipe for his once-illegal brew.

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