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The Sanitation Department

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Once your equipment is clean, any gear that touches your wort and beer after the boil should be sanitized. Take a walk through the various ways homebrewers can achieve sanitation.

Cleaning Action: An ounce (28 g) of prevention

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Anyone who has homebrewed long enough knows we’re just janitors with benefits. Make sure that you are doing a good job of keeping your brewing equipment clean.

The Necessity For Sanitizing Everything Post-Chilling

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This question is timely; the last time I brewed I was daydreaming about the necessity of sanitizing everything that touches beer after wort cooling because the use of sanitizers is relatively new in the history of beer. Sure, there was a lot of sour and spoiled beer before the introduction of modern hygienic practice, but

Mr. Wizard’s Guide to Cleaning Your Draft System

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Clean draft lines and faucets are key to any properly maintained draft beer system. The good news for the homebrewer is that our draft lines tend to be relatively short and contain little volume. For example, 6 feet (1.8 m) of 3⁄16-inch inside diameter line, a typical length in a balanced system designed for normally

Corny Keg Cleaning

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Join Brew Your Own’s Technical Editor Ashton Lewis with step-by-step instructions how to properly clean and sanitize your homebrew corny keg.

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Question About Cleaning Copper

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Many brewers and cooks love copperware for its heat transfer properties and attractive appearance. One of the downsides, however, to copper is that pretty, honey-like color turns brown over time and requires polishing to restore the shine. And sometimes, the brownish tint turns green. The good news is that brown and greenish-brown copper surfaces are

EZ Scrub Cleaner

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If getting your electric heating element clean is a vexing task, you definitely need to check out this EZ Scrub solution.

The WashAll System: Not your everyday keg washer

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Cleaning has always been one of the least favorite aspects of the homebrewer’s hobby. One reader decided to take matters into his own hands and create a cleaning system to make this chore a breeze. Say hello to the WashAll system.

A Clean Fight: The science of hygienic brewing


Quality cleaning begets quality beer. Colin breaks down the science and your options to combating the grime and potential contaminants to your brews.

Handling With Frozen Fruit

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Hollywood movies generously apply dramatic license in all matters of the world. But when it comes to portraying the resurrection of frozen life forms, there is not much exaggeration when the organism is something like a bacterial or yeast cell. And most of us kind of know, perhaps without really knowing it, that freezing is

Draft Care


Pouring a beer with a perfect head of foam from your draft system is a thing of beauty, but without proper maintenance the experience can be spoiled. Keep things from going off

Proper Cleaning and Sanitation


Be sure you understand some of the basics to keeping your equipment properly cleaned and sanitized.

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