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The Homebrew Milkman: COVID-19 brewing reflections


When COVID lockdowns went into effect, a homebrewer sprang into action, crafting beers first for his social beer group and later for friends and neighbors. His efforts were rewarded with charity donations and gifts. Learn about this homebrewer’s “milk” route.

Peak Performance: Brewing on top of Mt. Whitney


To celebrate their 25th anniversary, two partners from MoreBeer! climbed and brewed beer at the highest point in the continental U.S. — Mt. Whitney, California. Go behind the scenes of their planning and adventure

Size Matters: Turning homebrewers pro since 1997


The Red Ledge Brewers are a small but potent homebrew club in mid-Michigan. With roughly 20–25 active members, they have turned out a dozen professional brewers in the 25 years since their founding. Learn what they attribute it to

A Homebrewer’s Challenge: If you ever find yourself stuck


Peer pressure isn’t just a middle school phenomenon. A homebrew shop owner who has spent his entire life immersed in homebrewing culture wants to remind you to be true to your own tastes and what you want to drink

All in the Neighborhood

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Fairgate Brewing’s story begins with my story. I started to appreciate beer in the late 80s at the Horseshoe Pub in Hudson, Massachusetts, where they had 100 beers on tap — pretty amazing back then. My co-workers and I ran through the list more than once top to bottom. That is where I realized some

The Shop Around the Corner: My local homebrew store


A woman who has never brewed becomes interested in a homebrew shop around the corner and how business has changed during COVID. She reports what she found.

WeBrew: Celebrating a synagogue brew day


BYO’s own Kiev Rattee heads to the local synagogue for a special holiday brew day. He gets the scoop on the
WeBrew homebrew.

Snow Ale: Beer brewed from snowmelt water


When the snow gods delivered a big dump of the glistening white stuff to one homebrewer’s home, he found that the beer gods were the ones giving him a sign.

Ireland Trip Recap


We recap and share photos from a recent trip BYO’s Publisher and a group of BYO readers took to explore Ireland’s breweries, distilleries, and scenic countryside.

Drink Two and Call Me In The Morning: Balancing medical school and homebrewing


The Dogshead Brewing team first started to take shape when I got my acceptance letter to attend medical school in the fall of 2020. See, I was already a homebrewer having grown

Into the Heislerverse


It has survived alien, robot, and zombie apocalypses, been thrown back at local watering holes, and taken up space in fridges across the globe. Learn about Hollywood’s favorite fictional beer brand through a homebrewer’s quest to brew the real thing.

An Ode To Oktoberfest: Bringing it back through memories


When news of the cancellation of the 2021 Oktoberfest broke, one woman felt the need to sit down to recapture this renowned festival in all its glory. Here is her ode to the great and vivacious Oktoberfest held in Munich . . . most years.

81 result(s) found.