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Brewing with Chocolate Malt: Tips from the Pros


Expert advice on finding sweet success with chocolate malts.

Grain on the Brain


From two-row to pale ale and pils, a guide to five common base malts – how to use them and how to brew great beer with them. Plus: easy all-grain recipes for evaluating base malts, a quick guide to barley strains, and tips on swapping malt extract for grains.

Using Crystal Malt


Using crystal malt to add flavor and color to beer.

Making Brown Malt

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Yes, you can make your own brown malt by roasting pale malt in the oven. You can also make chocolate malt and black patent malt by the same process. The difficulty in roasting your own malt is control, but it can be done if you are attentive and have a method to quickly cool the


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Thick leather belts rhythmically rattle sturdy, dust laden, story-striding machinery into action. Iron clogs clatter. Ancient pulleys wheeze. There is a sweet smell in the air. The atmosphere is Victorian. This is not a working museum but Tuckers Maltings in Newton Abbot, Devon, England. Here barley is transmuted into malt in age-old fashion. The Tucker

Make Your Own Malt


Become a maltser to take your homebrew one step closer to 100 percent homemade.

Brewing for Flavor: Malt

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Every time you order a beer, you have certain expectations. Picture yourself perusing the beer menu at a new brewpub. Stout, porter, amber ale, pale ale, weizen, lager. Each of those names creates an image in your mind. That’s what beer styles are all about: creating a standard that tells the consumer—you—what to expect (within

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